El Sayal is a full service rustical house with a capacity of 28 hosts. We work every day on behalf of our customers to their best rest.

The accommodation splits in two separate and independent buildings; the two-floor main house and the villa next to it, jointed by a patio.


The village elders told that El Sayal was before a former nunnery. With the pass of time the place split in two separated places and the house became part of a family of farmers, who used it as a dwelling and left the outbuildings as stables to save and protect livestock.

Many years later the house was on sale so we bought it to start our project of El Sayal Turistic Rustical Villa. We renovated the house without changing its external structure leaving the masonry facade as originally designed, its original stone staircase, the boats in the ground, limestone columns, chestnut beams, the well, etc. We\'ve aconditioned the place for our guests, making it into a spacious, air conditioned and comfortable place for the people who come to spend a few days.

In El Sayal; we respect and care about the enviroment. We opted for a change in the energy system and now we use solar panels that harness the heat from the sun and transmit this energy to heat the water used in the villa.

We offer you a high quality service to make you feel like home, nice accommodation, great service, catering and entertainment for all kind of people.