The guests hosted in EL SAYAL can meet and enjoy the beauty of nature in the region, full of oaks, pastures, rivers and the Arribes del Duero\'s Natural Park.

There are some sightseeing spots such as observatories, ideals to bird seeing, specificly speaking of the griffon volture, golden eagle, Bonelli\'s eagle, black-stork, alimoche, peregrin falcon, toed eagle, booted eagle, eagle-owl, chough, alpine swift, blue rock thrush, wheatear, etc.

It\'s important to notice that from the same township there\'s and acces to the bank of Tormes\' river, widened by Almendras\' reservoir with a precious wealth of fishes (barbel, goldfish, berme juela, Pseudochondrostoma duriense, Cobitis paludica), reptiles (Iberian Emerald Lizard, Bedriaga\'s Skink, horseshoe whip snake, red-tailed spiny-footed Lizard), amphibians (marbled newt, Iberian newt, common frog, natterjack toad, Iberian painted frog) and mammals (otter, beech marten, genet, boar, fox) among many more.

The cut and granite formations are the most characteristic biotope of this natural area that also has a rich and varied flora.

For our clients we have guides of birds and other vertebrates, as well as binoculars.

We provide a quality service, we adapt ourselves to your schedule at breakfast, lunch or dinner and we prepare picnic\'s meal.

In EL SAYAL we wish your stay to be as pleasant as possible and that you enjoy the most enviable environment and its precious landscape.