Just What we were looking for, by Daniel, Ma Jesús, Ma Luz, Luis & Paco.

Every Easter we look for spanish places unknowkn to us and we ended up usually in rustic houses. This year we decided to go to Salamanca y thats how we found “El Sayal”, that enchanting acommodation, comfortable and family alike service that made us feel like we were at home.

Thanks a lot María Jesús, Rosi & Ángel to make us live three fantastic days. Ps: Ma Luz asks me to ask for the recipe of the sauce dressing the chicken. Ps2: Kisses from Daniel, stills as talkative as a parrot. Great Memeries, by Miguel Palou Rossello. My family and I grade these awesome days passed at El Sayal with an A++ , our kids included. El Sayal was exactly what we were looking for, quiteness, amability, cleanliness and excelent food. Congratulations María Jesús.

An Unforgettable place, by Caty Palou
10 people went from Mallorca to El Sayal, as a gift from my parents, and we got some wonderful time to save it in our memory forever. The house if beautiful, with a very comfy style, got thought a hard work made by M.Jesús and her husband. You always get a close and exquisit service. We felt like home, those dinners prepared by M.Jesus were just delicious. We only got to say thank you for such a great vacations in this splendid enchanted place. I miss you all M.Jesús, Ángel, Rosi and Laura. We wish to be back soon. Thanks a lot for everything.

You cant get any more when somethings so perfect, Mercedes Palou Soler. I first want to thank M.Jesus and send her all our charm to Rosi, Laura and Ma Jesús\\\\\\\'s husband. Congratulations for making such a nice business, with such a good style, and family atmosphere. Congratulations to you all!!!

Today, Ma Jesús ask me to say some things to make them better, but I say... how can get anything better if it is PERFECT. You get a comfortable home, a perfect clean place, all details perfectly located and sucha perfect familiar service. Home-made food was delicious every single day, as in breakfast as at dinner. Great living room, and a beautiful yark, wich we couldnt enjoy because of the rain.We were 10 people ages between 7 and 64 and all of us got out from there with the wish of staying more days in there. Thanks for making our vacation so easy and nice, Thanks El Sayal, we will never forget you. Im sure we will be back soon. Hugs and kisses to yaall!!

Urfogettable, by Family del Val.
There are some episodes in our life recorded forever in our memory. It ran the 4th cousin reunion in Del Val family originaly from Cigales (Valladolid). Theres no words to thank Ma Jesús for such a great service. The hose, beautiful, the surroundigns, perfect and the environment made us pass such a great weekend. Unforgettable weekend. Congratulations